203 K Loan Program
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HUD 203 K Loan Home Renovation Program Information

The Olive Group has worked on several projects that have been funded by the HUD 203K loan program that is offered by banking institutions. The 203K loan program is designed specifically for homeowners who are purchasing homes that need renovation work to be completed as well as renovation work that  may be desired to be completed. The renovation projects may be small such as bath and kitchen remodels or they can be large such as whole house renovations.


The 203K loan program is designed so one loan covers aquisition and renovation of the home.


A 203K loan consultant will work with the homeowner in developing a repair scope of work, acting as a liasion between the contractor, homeowner, and bank. All of this to ensure a smooth transition from homebuyer to satisfied homeowner.


We encourage you to contact us (443)-460-4069 for additional information.

HUD Official Information (click here)

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