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The Olive Group, LLC is a General Contracting and  Construction Management firm that specializes in redeveloping neighborhoods by focusing on multi-family/single family housing and light commercial tenant build-outs located in revitalization zones and under served neighborhoods.

Our approach to community redevelopment is to fill the void left within areas which are often overlooked and considered too small of an undertaking to be financed by the large developer.

A driving ambition of the Olive Group is the transformation of a properties image through the application of affordable innovative design solutions. The Olive Group is capable of augmenting projects with it's in-house architectural design services.

Project size does not dictate our level of commitment but rather the Olive Group commits an all out effort to all projects with the design philosohpy of "practical design solutions with exceptional results"

The owners bring to clients, the community, and their developmental endeavors a diverse background, knowledge base, and experience on very small to large construction projects.
Matthew Tuttle
Matthew Tuttle holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Drexel University. He has over 15 years of experience in project scope development, project estimating and budgeting, scheduling, contract writing and as a Owner/ Architect liasion. Additionally Mr. Tuttle has experience in soil, concrete, asphalt testing, and structural steel inspection. Years of working for a geotechnical engineering firm, construction management company, and construction company have given Mr. Tuttle various experiences in the construction industry that highlight his passion for building.
Dale Morrissey
Dale Morrissey brings a unique blend of construction management and architecture to the table.  Mr. Morrissey holds a B.S. in Architecture from Hampton University and a M.S. in Architecture (Building Performance and Diagnostics) from Carnigie Mellon University. With over 15 years of experience in design, construction, and exceptional attention to detail Mr. Morrissey has the knowledge base and skills to bring a project from conception to fruition.  

"Through our efforts as developers, using a hands-on approach with the community we ensure that a total neighborhood redeveloping comes into fruition."


Construction Management * General Contracting * Residential Renovation/Rehabilitation * Architectural Design